What a summer!

Well it's definitely been a hot couple of months, I have had to be quite careful when walking clients dogs at lunch time so as not to risk them over heating, my own Malamutes (the fluffy monsters that they are) have even had to forego walks for a few days as even at 11pm it has still been too hot for them.

There has been lots of changes going on in the last few months, I have gone from turning down work as too busy to suddenly having several spaces as a client has retired and another one has changed jobs and now works from home, and 1 is a teacher so is off work for 6 weeks, also as many horses are out 24/7 I have no yard work at the moment, this has at least given me time to get back to writing the CALM training pack for any wannabe instructors and the first module has just been submitted for accreditation so really looking forward to launching that and hopefully helping some people make some really life changing decisions.

I had a very proud trainer moment recently when the owner of a severely reactive collie I had been working with called to say that he was chased down the road the other day by an off lead dog and instead of lunging and massively over reacting he growled once at the dog and kept walking away with his owner.

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