It's been a while

Hi all, haven't updated on here for quite a while, the winter months were very busy with stable work at each end of the day and lunch time dog walking in between. Now the weather is improving and peoples horses are out in the fields 24/7 things are starting to quiet down which gives me a chance to do more dog training again.

I did post a while ago that I was going to run some puppy classes but on reflection I cant help feeling that its not the best learning environment for a puppy so will stick to 1 to 1 training and then owners can use the various facebook sites to meet other dog walkers and get socializing responsibly.

Last weekend I met the most adorable 7 month old German short haired pointer who like so many young dogs that have been bounced from home to home was somewhat too boisterous for his new family, we had a lovely session on setting bloundaries and the need for consistency amongst the whole family and the 2 young boys even have their own jobs to do now teaching buddy new tricks and games which will wear him out mentally and give the family a break.

I've also been using some down time last week to set up a new facebook group for local horse riders who are suffring a loss of confidence and want to create some events that will support them achieving their next steps (whatever that may be), please check this out on face book, the group is called wiltshire horse riders confidence building group and we are currently trying to arrange a fun day at a local venue with coaching, clear round and a BBQ and also an event with a sports psychologist to look at practices such as NLP, hypnoses, visualisation etc.

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