November is under way

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lady who was at the end of her tether, her ex had decided they should get a dog and the dog of choice was a very large, entire Akita x Malamute. He took no responsibility for the dog or the dogs training and very rarely even took him out for a walk as it was "too much hassle". The ex has now moved on leaving the lady with a large unruly dog that she was scared to walk and was so boisterous that friends aren't willing to visit anymore. Well I completed a training consult with the lady last week so she can start to step up and take charge of the situation and I started taking him for short walks. I am very pleased to say that on Sunday morning I accompanied this lady on her first walk with her dog and they managed brilliantly so hopefully she will now be able to walk him herself each day.

I also aquired a new customer for lunch time visits who has 2 terriers, this will be new for me as I seem to only get contacted to walk difficult snow breed types.

I am loving my work at a local stables in the afternoons, its strange how much I had missed the simple things of bringing in, rug changes and feeding horses that I do so regularly I really get to know them.

I now have 1 x morning slot and 1 x lunch time dog walking slot left this month and some availabilty early mornings to help any busy horse owners who want their horses fed, turned out and mucked out thus giving them more time i the evening to ride etc.

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