People always ask what makes my training different...

I'm often asked by potential clients what makes my dog training techniques different to what everyone else does so I thought I would add a blog post about it.

My training is both different and not at all different to whats already out there, let me explain this....

My C.A.L.M dog training program has been developed over many years as a result of me spending £1000s on different training courses, subscribing to online courses and memberships and years of working with a variety of dogs.

As all the techniques used are already out there and in use by many other trainers I cant really claim to have invented anything new, however what I have found during all of this research is that most trainers subscribe to one of the popular theories out there (dominance, pack leader, operant / classical conditioning, mirroring, clicker training etc) and do not deviate from this theory. I found that many of these ideas actually do share some things in common but then seem to have a lot of "fluff" added to them to make them unique and special. I have spent many years researching these theories and keeping the parts that work, ignoring the fluff and putting it all back into a system that has a simple and easy to follow structure and a "kit bag" of tips and techniques so that we can tailor it to how the individual dog learns. By not subscribing to one theory over another I have the flexibility to treat each dog as an individual and create a training plan that is tailored to HOW that dog learns.

I have been totally amazed by how many dog trainers subscribe to a "one method fits all approach", it has always been apparent to me that people learn differently and respond differently to different management styles so why do we not think this would be true also of our dogs, it is this belief that I believe makes my training different to others.

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