Dog help swindon

I have been training dogs for over 20 years, initially it was just informally helping friends and colleagues with their dogs then as it grew into something more I began studying popular training techniques. I have spent years and thousands of pounds on training courses and pay for it subscriptions. All of this research and experience has led me to develop the C.A.L.M dog training program. This program is designed to create a positive and balanced relationship between you and your dog.

Its methods are routed in many different popular, tried and tested theories but unlike many other trainers who only subscribe to one training theory (pack leader, clicker, games, operant / classical conditioning etc) I use a number of techniques from many theories and pick the one that suits your dog best.

Just as not all humans learn in the same way or all employees will respond to the same management styles, why should all dogs learn the same way?

The C.A.L.M program is a relationship based plan which sets boundaries for your dog and makes it easy to have consistency in your dogs training allowing them to make the right choices. It is based on positive methods and can be likened to being a good parent to your dog, it allows for love and attention but doesn't spoil your dog and allow them to get away with bad behavior.

There are many reasons why someone may seek the help of a professional dog trainer (puppy training, pulling, recall, aggression, barking etc) and the C.A.L.M program will eliminate many of these simply through the dog relaxing and understanding their role in the family, however to speed up these solutions during our consultation as well as learning the steps of C.A.L.M I will also teach you tricks and techniques to work on the specific problem areas with your dog.

The consultations are very in depth and designed to teach you everything you need to know to change the way that you interact with your dog without the need for further assistance (although I am happy to do follow up sessions or answer questions by phone, text or email if you need). This training means that instead of paying for weeks and weeks of training you will pay a one of consultation fee and be armed with the resources you need to train your dog yourself.