Dog training system

Become a CALM trainer

We have now created an online course to teach the CALM plan to anyone wanting to start a career as a professional dog trainer. It aims to give you all the information and skills you will need to set up your dog training business. The course is initially an online course comprised of 5 modules and there is an optional 2 day practical course you can attend after completion of the online course in order to gain some hands on experience and also gain some insights into setting up and running your business.
Course Content
  • Unit 1 - The origins of the Domestic Dog
        Understand how and why domestication occurred.​
        Understand how selective breeding has led to the variety of breeds we          have today and how we can use breed traits in our training.
  • Unit 2 - Understanding the canine brain
       Recognise and understand stress and fear in dogs, as well as the dietary         and hormonal influences on our dogs, understand what makes a dog             aggressive.
  • Unit 3 - The history of dog training.
        Learn about the most popular methods used today, how operant                  conditioning works, why we no longer use certain methods, how                    does CALM fit in.
  • Unit 4 - The CALM program.
        Learn how and why was CALM developed.
        What are the steps of CALM training, why are they important.
  • Unit 5 - Problem solving
       How to deal with common training problems​ including.....
       Puppy training
       Aggression issues
       Lead pulling
       Recall problems