In the new year I will be looking at running puppy classes in the west Swindon area, these will be for up to 6 puppies in each class and unlike many other puppy training classes will not be all about teaching tricks but will instead look at how we can avoid the common problems that many owners find themselves faced with when their dogs get older (pulling, barking, chewing, biting, over excitement etc) and how we can use the C.A.L.M program with puppies to raise them properly. As they will be in groups it is also an ideal opportunity to socialise them and make new like minded friends.

If you are interested please email me so I can finalize numbers and arrange the dates. You will be emailed back a questionair to identify what you wish to cover in the course, this way each course is tailored to the needs of the puppies attending rather than a generic sit, stay, lie down training course.

Call Jo on 07803702723 or email (Swindon area)
Call Saffy on 07432102467 for Wootton Bassett / Brinkworth requests.